Check out the new technologies

virtual reality in Odessa

What is Cube?

Full immersion up to 4 people at a time

Check out the new technologies

virtual reality in Odessa

Full immersion up to 4 people at a time

Welcome to
the future

The best virtual reality glasses from HTC Vive allow you to transfer for 60
minutes to the unknown worlds where you can fight with zombies, visit
the intergalactic space of the universe and feel incredible emotions.

I want to play

Why will you come and play again?

Absolute freedom

The player can easily move around 10 m2. All players movements are tracked and transferred to the virtual world


Closed club

We do not have passers-by. The club can only be accessed by a password (you can learn it by leaving a request)


Special atmosphere

At the entrance to CUBE you will be met by Motveich - your guide to the world of virtual reality. With their assistant, they will introduce you to something that you did not even suspect


Online game

Play against each other or together against everyone! (from 1 to 4 people at the same time)

What can I play?

Arizona Sunshine

It`s a game of survival in which you can fight alone or in a company with your trusty and reliable friend. Exactly, these qualities you will need if you want to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, where except for you alone zombies.

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For the first time you will be able to try on the suit of the legendary spider man and understand what it means to be in the shoes of a loved one in your superhero! Let cobwebs, climb the walls of houses and save the inhabitants of their city from the dirty hands of crime.


You have to go down to the famous cave to try on the mask of the bat, use the legendary devices and prevent a plot.

Dota VR Hub

This mode allows you to enjoy all the beauties of the world of Dota in the virtual reality. You can watch games online, in record or in a broadcast mode with your friends together.

Serious Sam

Legendary and everyone`s favorite serious Sam is in the virtual reality now! Be tough, uncontrollable and uncompromising as Sam.

Fancy Skiing

Full immersion in the virtual reality and the feeling that you really take off on your skis over evergreen pines.

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Richie`s Plank

In this simulation Richie`s Plank you can walk on the bar at a height from which breathtaking. Recommended for those who like to tickle their nerves.

If you do not like it -

we will refund your money!

Weekdays till 7pm

1 hour

surprise, misunderstanding where you are and want to repeat

190 uah

Weekdays after 7pm and weekends

1 hour

delight, dizzying chases and crowds of dead monsters

250 uah
* price per 1 person.
In an hour Matveich will guide you through different locations and you will try a few games

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